Call me Crazy
animal that starts with L










………..long cat


l… l… lllll… lovely horns on that gazelle



That’s Z not L

you caught me

fuck all of you. you fucking hooligans. you fucking delinquent bbastards

Lnice frog

a lynx?  


Hi y’all! To celebrate hitting over 700 followers, I have decided to do a Tumblr awards! I attempted to do one back when I hit 400 followers, but it didn’t work because not enough people reblogged. So I’m going to try again, and hopefully it works this time! 
Here are the rules: 
I’m doing this for my lovely followers, so if you want to be included, please be following me! Sorry, but if you’re not following me, your reblog(s) won’t count. 
Only reblogs count! Likes will NOT be counted! 
This post must reach a certain amount of reblogs in order for me to actually do this, or it might not work. 
Snow White’s Nicest Blogger 
Rapunzel’s Best Theme
Elsa’s Best Edits/Gifs
Ariel’s Best Url
Tiana’s Best Icon 
Belle’s Best Overall 
(If you are nominated for the Best Theme, Best url or Best Icon award I highly recommend you to not change them until the voting is over, or it might not be accurate) 
I will be choosing the nominees on August 12, 2014, which is 1 month from now! 5 nominees will be chosen for each category.
I will be announcing the closing date of the voting once all nominees have been chosen! 
Here’s what the winners will get: 
My eternal friendship and love if you want
A gif set (6 gifs) of any character you like 
A follow from me (if not already) 
5 promos whenever you want
A link to your blog on my blog for a month
Runner-ups will get: 
My eternal friendship and love if you want
A follow from me (if not already) 
3 promos whenever your want 
1 gif of any character you like 
Thank you, and hope you’d want to participate! :)
send me dick pics


This is my new favourite thing.